- From “Iguana no Musume (Iguana Girl / Daughter of Iguana),” based on the manga by Moto Hagio and directed by Kazuhisa Imai (1996)

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Anonymous: can you make gifs about Last Friends?

I can. I’m downloading some more dramas this weekend. I still have 1 litre of tears still on my computer that I need watch and gif.

If you have any more request feel free to message me


"If the prince kisses her she will recover" (◦ˇ зˇ)

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#nodame cantabile

Even if it’s fake, it’s better than nothing.

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Sailor Moon/PGSM parallels: Usagi reveals her identity to Mamoru

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everyone is empty, you’re not the only one

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“I want to be the sky. Not a river, I want to be the sky. Then I will instantly know where you are. If there was someone hurting you, I could fly there and beat him up. I could protect you.” - Hiro / Koizora

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