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i was afraid of nothing.

I had not the slightest fear of death.

but for the first time, i was afraid to die.

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you are my sunshine, my only sunshine

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xxxHOLiC Chapter 63 /  xxxHOLiC Ep. 7 [ Himawari ]


I love this serie and I love this trend


01/10 otps - asou haruto & ikeuchi aya

"even though things aren’t like they used to be, our memories are united. the worlds we live in aren’t any different."

1 Litre of Tears (2005)
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Each one of us carries a star within our hearts. Light and dark always accompany each other. But if you let the darkness know that you are afraid of it, the darkness will become great and swallow you up and it will swallow up your light. If you don’t want the darkness to trouble you, then you must take care to make sure the star in your heart always shines brightly. —Sailor Moon
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